Seven Reasons To Include A Sibling In Your Child’s Early Intervention Therapy

June 28, 2024

If your child is receiving early intervention services, consider including siblings in the process whenever possible. Siblings already act as a child’s model, motivator, playmate, and best friend. Just as it is vital to include parents in therapy sessions, the same can be applied to siblings of the client.

Benefits of including siblings in therapy

By including the sibling in early intervention services, parents and therapists can make room for these added benefits:

  1. Quicker rapport building between family/client and therapist.
  2. Provide learning opportunities if one sibling tends to dominate playtime.
  3. Create structured turns for talking.
  4. Communicate clear expectations of how siblings can support the child receiving therapy.
  5. A terrific, natural model for the client.
  6. Siblings often act as cheerleaders and motivators in encouraging the client to participate and try new things.
  7. Parents are less stressed as they do not have to worry about keeping siblings “out of the way” of therapy.

Including siblings in early intervention services not only supports an inclusive and welcoming environment for the client and their family, but it allows another avenue of support outside the clinic for the child being treated. We look forward to seeing your whole family in therapy!

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