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Does My Child Have a Problem?

You may be worried about some aspect of your child’s development. Maybe your child’s daycare provider or teacher has brought up concerns. Possibly you have tried comparing your child to children of your friends or other children at the playground, trying to determine what is “normal.” It’s natural to worry about your child’s development, but how do you know if your child has a problem?

As a parent or caregiver, your instincts are often right. If you suspect that there might be a problem, there usually is a problem. There are proven ways to diagnosis and then deal with problems – the sooner the better.

Reviewing developmental milestone checklists are a good way to start. The Speech and Language Checklists and the Motor and Self-Help Checklists can help you know what behavior is typically expected from children the age of your child. After reviewing the milestone checklists, the next step is to call or contact us to discuss your situation and set an appointment for an evaluation.

Rest assured, help is on the way!

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The key to effective treatment is an early response.
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