Pronouncing English

Although they may speak English fluently, many intelligent foreign-born professionals have heavy accents which cause them to be perceived as uneducated or incompetent. Because of this, they often suffer frustration and anxiety in business communications, and find they are unable to advance in their careers.

How do I know if I need assistance pronouncing English?

Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether you need assistance in pronouncing English:

  • Am I often asked to repeat myself?
  • Am I shy or embarrassed when I use English?
  • Am I having difficulty advancing in my job because of my English Pronunciation?
  • Are my listeners distracted by my accent and, therefore, missing my message?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, CSLOT can help you.

How can pronouncing English classes at CSLOT help me?

The 12-week treatment process, administered by highly experienced and licensed speech pathologists, will help you learn to pronounce English clearly and confidently. Individually tailored programs target those speech sounds which are difficult for you to pronounce.

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