How We Help

Help is On the Way

If you suspect your child, parent, or spouse has a problem or you have other questions, contact us today. We are here to help!

When you contact us, you will first speak with a member of our front office staff. Our office managers and office coordinators are skilled and knowledgeable in helping navigate the steps needed to get the help your family member needs. They will answer questions regarding insurance coverage, provide the necessary paperwork, and schedule all needed appointments. They will also provide information to help support you and your family member for the first appointment.

The first step is for your family member to complete an assessment to help us determine how to best to meet her needs. This assessment may take place in one visit or over a few visits, depending on the nature of the assessment. Following the assessment, the clinician will write up the assessment findings in an assessment report. She will meet with you to review the results of the assessment and discuss her recommendations with you.

If your family member has had a recent assessment, an additional assessment may or may not be necessary. With your permission, we will review the recent assessment to determine if additional information is needed or if therapy is able to begin.

If it is determined that a course of therapy is recommended, the front office staff will schedule a series of therapy appointments with one or more of our clinicians. We encourage you to participate in therapy with your family member, maximizing opportunities for you to learn skills needed to support your family member on her journey. Most sessions are provided virtually.

Make an Appointment

We know your time is valuable! Complete the appropriate form below and a member of our office staff will speak with you within 24 hours, Monday-Friday, to set up an appointment.

We look forward to serving you!

The key to effective treatment is an early response.
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