An OT’s Guide to a Sensational Summer

July 18, 2023

Summer is a great time to relax and change our routines. Less structure sometimes leads to boredom.  Here are some fun activities to engage in with your child to help liven up summer break while keeping your child regulated.

Indoor crafts and messy play

  • Make homemade slime with school glue and Borax detergent. 
  • Got broken crayons lying around? Turn those pieces into rainbow-colored crayon nibbles for endless hours of fun. 
  • Feeling crafty? Make sidewalk chalk with plaster of Paris and tempera paints.

Movement and outdoor play

  • Make a fort with old sheets or boxes and play hide and seek!
  • Draw hopscotch patterns on the sidewalk with chalk.
  • Hang an old sheet up and spray with watered-down paint in a spray bottle to work on targeting and hand strength while making an original piece of art!
  • Go camping in the backyard and “roast” marshmallows in the microwave for s’mores.

For even more summertime tips, check out the website for Raising a Sensory Smart Child.

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