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Tips For Your Late Talker

Is your child a late talker? Does he/she not use a lot of words? Here is a list of common first words and ways to get your child to use them during everyday activities:

All gone: Say “all gone” after eating, playing with blocks, putting away toys.

More: Say more whenever you have 2 of something; food, socks, books, laundry, grass, and when anticipating more of something. Withhold more snacks and model “more” before giving more.

Bye-bye: Wave bye-bye to everyone and every animal you see, it even works with toys

Open: model open when opening books, doors, the fridge, tops to toys and other objects.

Eat: Say eat while you eat a meal, before each bite, and to describe what your child is doing.

Go:  Make anything go such as cars, running the park, balls, blocks, animals, and start with ready….set….GO!!!

Book: Point to books, read books, hide books, and put blocks on top of books.

Baby:  Look at pictures in books, play with baby dolls, point out babies you see.

Car: Move cars around the floor, make them go down ramps, push cars over books

Cookie: Say cookie while eating cookies, put cookies in a jar, count cookies, a doll eats cookies.

Uh – oh: Say “uh-oh” as you drop toys or knock over blocks, or when something falls.

Shoe: Point to shoes, put shoes on, put them on dolls, put toys in shoes

Milk: Say milk while drinking, give pretend milk to stuffed animals, point to milk in fridge

Shhh: Put animals, teddy bears, or dolls to sleep by covering them with a blanket and saying “shhh”

Ball: Bounce balls, roll balls, throw balls – say ball before every turn

To help promote vocabulary building for young children here is a list of a few apps for iPad/phone.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox by THUP Games: Good for early vocabulary including colors, shapes and numbers, as well as spatial awareness and matching.

Old MacDonald by Duck Duck Moose: 
This is an interactive song app that is great to use for sound imitation, nouns, verbs and following directions as well as reinforcement.

Peekaboo! Guess Who? by Bacciz:!-guess-who/id432212423?mt=8 
This is a great app for auditory attention and auditory-visual matching.

My First Words – Flashcards by Alligator Apps: 
Good set of vocabulary flash cards

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Michelle Morgado, M.S. CCC-SLP