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“It is comforting to see how much attention our son is getting at CSLOT and it is impressive to see that the EIC incorporates an underlying structure into its play activities.  We see our son enjoying this learning especially the singing during “circle time,” and it is so uplifting, so encouraging.”


Throughout the past three months we have witnessed such a positive change in our little boy!  There have been changes in his expressive speech, use of sign language, more spontaneous communication, social interactions, and eye contact.  Additionally, there have been strengthening of his gross and fine motor skills.”


“CSLOT staff is the friendliest and most helpful staff I have ever encountered, not to mention their professionalism.  I have been here nine months and would highly recommend CSLOT to all my friends.  Thank you so much for the help and support you have given me and my daughter.  She has grown and developed because of your staff and therapists.  I am so very grateful for your center.”


We wish to take this opportunity to thank your organization and the staff for its dedication and professional approach to helping Terrence.  He has benefited greatly from the program.  All of the staff involved with Terrence showed patience and understanding when dealing with him.  They are very good at what they do!!”


Your team was incredibly gracious . . . and you guided us through the options with great care.  That was our first sign that we were in good hands.  More signs followed quickly, as he was repeating words and participating within weeks.  In just a year, you have coached him into a bight, communicative, complex little man.  I am sure that the increased attention he got at home had an impact.  But my husband and I are both convinced that you do some kind of magic in that classroom.  Some genius combination of predictability, routine, and challenge really did work wonders on him. “


I wanted to point out the excellent work that his aide did in the class. She was always smiling and had such a great attitude. She is really helpful to the kids in class. A real asset to CSLOT!”


“My child (Patrick) enjoys coming to CSLOT. He adores his teachers. He learns so much here at CSLOT. Thank you for all you do to help my child.”


“CSLOT was a wonderful experience for my daughter and our family. I am very sad our time here is complete yet looking forward to our future endeavors with Robyn.  Thank you CSLOT!! You helped Robyn grow and develop.”


“Thank you for the work with Macachi. He’s having an easier time communicating. The staff is wonderful and very patient. I’m grateful for CSLOT existing and working with children.”


“We have really enjoyed coming to speech therapy! Logan’s speech has greatly improved since we have been seeing his therapist. Logan really liked coming to speech, and I am sure he will miss seeing everyone! The staff was all very professional and nice!! I would highly recommend CSLOT to friends and family. It has been a great experience.”


“When we began Mathew had only one-word sentences. One hour with his therapist, Mathew began using 2-word sentences and exploded to full sentences (4-7words) a couple weeks later.”


“I wanted to point out the excellent work that his aide did in the class. She was always smiling and had such a great attitude. She is really helpful to the kids in class. A real asset to CSLOT!”


“The OT is absolutely amazing with the kids and so patient. We learned so much from her. Thanks for all the help CSLOT!”


“I appreciate all your help. He has improved and I appreciate it. Thanks for your patience. Great service. Thanks!”


“Overall I think CSLOT was a great program and very beneficial to Joshua. I would recommend CSLOT to another family in need.”


“I thank CSLOT and its staff for all the time they have put toward my son’s future. Most specially my thanks to our therapist for her patience, attitude and therapeutic style. Armando responded wonderfully to her and I know he will miss her greatly. I really felt she cared. She brought in his favorite toys when she was working on getting more language from him. I felt her heart was really in it; it’s not just a job for her.”


“Thanks a lot for the help that you’ve given Darrius. He greatly improved since we brought him to CSLOT. I commend all the people who help him for what he is now. Great job and keep the good work.”