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Reading Therapy


Reading disabilities, including Dyslexia, are common, affecting 10-15% of the population. Because our world uses the written word to impart education and knowledge, a child or an adult with a reading disability often experiences global academic delays, and low self-esteem.

CSLOT’s Read Write Now program uses a combination of computer-based home therapy and in-person multi-sensory reading instruction, along with speech and language therapy, to target the neurobiological roots of dyslexia and other reading disorders. By repeated practice, our program exercises the brain’s inherent plasticity, especially in the auditory processing system.

Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord, from Scientific Learning, Inc. is a computer-based program that that takes your child through a series of age-appropriate, highly motivating computer games, building skills necessary for learning to read. Playing the games at home for 8-12 weeks, supported by weekly parent consultations with CSLOT’s Fast ForWord specialist, your child will learn to discriminate speech sounds, a critical skill for learning to read.

Multi-sensory Language Education and the Slingerland Method

Studies show that children with dyslexia need a multi-sensory approach to reading. Multi-sensory education incorporates three learning pathways: auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (touching or movement), and visual (seeing).

Using The Slingerland method systematically appeals to all of the child’s senses to teach reading and writing.

Speech/ Language/Phonemic Awareness Training

A speech/language therapist will support your child’s auditory processing by teaching your child how to play with sounds in words, manipulating and changing them, and speech therapy will help your child produce speech sounds correctly

Reading Assistant

Also from Scientific Learning, Inc., Reading Assistant provides real-time corrective feedback as your child reads aloud, via speech recognition software. This program “listens” to your child read out loud and supports fluency by providing visual cues. This is a program for use at home once your child has reached minimum fluency levels.

How Long Will It Take?

Read Write Now requires a minimum commitment of 3 months. During this time you are likely to see large gains in your child’s reading skills. However, it may take up to a year or more to get your child up to grade level.

Get Started

Step 1: An evaluation will determine your child’s reading levels. Call to make an appointment.

Step 2: Meet with our literacy specialist to discuss the results of your child’s evaluation.

Step 3: Together, form a customized plan to fit your child’s needs.