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Group Therapy



  • To teach children how to better interact and communicate with their peers.
  • To build confidence as communicators.
  • To improve self-esteem.
  • To appropriately identify and express feelings, emotions, opinions, and thoughts through the use of language.
  • To help children learn how to interpret nonverbal communication in others and themselves.
  • To practice newly acquired social skills in a comfortable environment with peers through the supervision of a speech-language therapist as a facilitator.

Goals: Individual goals will be determined for each child following a review of pertinent assessments, observation of the child in a social situation, and an interview with the parents. General goals for all children in the group might include the following: turn taking, asking for help appropriately, sharing important and pertinent information, sequencing tasks in a group, problem solving, following rules established by others or as dictated by a particular game, conflict resolution using appropriate language, knowing when to give and receive information, sharing experiences and ideas, maintaining a topic in conversation, etc.