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Occupational Therapy

Your child may need an occupational therapy referral if they display several of the following:


-Overly sensitive to touch. May withdraw or react negatively to hand holding, a pat on the shoulder, or hugs.
-Shows an unusual avoidance of grooming activities such as combing hair, brushing teeth, or trimming nails.
-Avoids gross motor play; does not enjoy or explore playground activities. May be fearful of falling or having feet off the ground.
-Overly sensitive to sounds, smells, or tastes.


-Has delays in motor milestones (see motor and self-help checklist)
-Appears clumsy, or awkward in gross motor activities such as jumping, running, or climbing.
-Has difficulty with balance activities.
-Falls easily.
-Fatigues quickly; seems to have less endurance than other children of similar age.
-Has poor posture; leans or slumps in chair.
-Has poor fine motor control; difficulty manipulating small objects, holding a pencil, or using scissors.
-Has difficulty forming letters; difficulty spacing letters and words.


-Is easily distracted; has short attention span.
-Has difficulty sitting still; is fidgety, or restless.


-Has delayed self-help skills (i.e. self-feeding, toileting, dressing). (See motor and self-help checklist)
-Has difficulty putting on clothes, manipulating fasteners, or tying shoes.

-Has feeding difficulties (i.e. is a “picky” eater, spills food, has problems chewing or using a cup and/or utensils).


When your child receives occupational therapy at CSLOT, he/she will learn…

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Motor planning
  • Body coordination
  • Postural stability and balance
  • Pre-writing and handwriting
  • Dexterity
  • In-hand manipulation skills
  • Perceptual motor skills
  • Visual motor integration
  • Feeding – motor and sensory challenges
  • Pre-feeding skills
  • Self-care skills

Sensory Skills

  • Regulatory functions
  • Sensory processing – tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive
  • Attention span
  • Praxis – sensory based motor planning

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