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6 to 7 Year Speech and Language Checklist

Cognitive Skills

  • Listens attentively and for long periods of time
  • Answers all questions accurately
  • Makes logical relationships and solves problems verbally
  • Understands reality versus fantasy

Pragmatic Skills

  • Comprehends subtle humor and giggles about silly things
  • Uses the telephone for social calls

Semantic Skills

  • Uses mature vocabulary, e.g., “surprisingly,” “frightening,” “disappointing”

Phonetic Skills

  • Speech is error-free and adult-like

Syntactic Skills

  • Uses passive sentences forms, e.g., “The bus was hit by the car.”
  • Corrects his/her own sentence errors
  • Uses mature expressions, e.g., “This is serious. Dad is allergic to cats and we have a mouse in the cellar.”
  • Seldom makes grammatical errors
  • Argues verbally
  • Uses negation often, e.g., “I can’t get it,” or “I can’t figure it out.”

If your child is not showing the above speech, language and related skills, a consultation is recommended with a licensed speech and language pathologist who can provide you with suggestions which may prevent a communication problem from developing, determine if a screening test or in-depth diagnostic testing is needed at this time, and/or provide you with possible funding sources if treatment is needed.