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3 Year Motor and Self-Help Skills Checklist

Fine Motor

  • Builds tower with 9 cubes
  • Copy’s a circle, vertical, and horizontal line
  • Turns book pages one at a time
  • Holds a pencil in writing position
  • Opens rotating door handles

Gross Motor

  • Pedals a tricycle
  • Walks down stairs with alternating feet
  • Climbs jungle gyms and ladders
  • Catches an 8-inch ball

Feeding Skills

  • Stabs food with a fork
  • Holds spoon in fingers with palm up
  • Uses napkin
  • Serves self at table with little spilling

Dressing Skills

  • Uses toilet with assistance – has daytime control
  • Buttons large buttons
  • Puts on socks, may have difficulty turning the heel
  • Zips and unzips jackets (unable to separate or insert shank)
  • Puts shoes on, although may be on wrong feet

If your child is not showing the above motor and self-help skills, a consultation is recommended with a licensed occupational therapist who can provide you with suggestions which may prevent a problem from developing, determine if a screening test or in-depth diagnostic testing is needed at this time, and/or provide you with possible funding sources if treatment is needed.