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18 Month Motor and Self-Help Skills Checklist

Fine Motor

  • Builds tower using three cubes
  • Places one round peg in pegboard
  • After a demonstration, turns over a small container to obtain objects inside
  • Scribbles spontaneously
  • Uses both hands in midline, one holds the other manipulates

Gross Motor

  • Walks without support
  • Bends over and looks through legs
  • Throws ball forward
  • Pulls toy behind while walking
  • Carries large toy while walking

Feeding Skills

  • Brings filled spoon to mouth
  • Scoops food

Dressing Skills

  • Indicates discomfort over soiled pants verbally or by gestures
  • Pulls socks off
  • Removes hat
  • Places hat on head

If your child is not showing the above motor and self-help skills, a consultation is recommended with a licensed occupational therapist who can provide you with suggestions which may prevent a problem from developing, determine if a screening test or in-depth diagnostic testing is needed at this time, and/or provide you with possible funding sources if treatment is needed.