Questions to Ask Your Early Intervention Therapist

Sarah Peters, MA, CCC-SLP | Clinical Director
August 26, 2020

Parents of children receiving early intervention services ask many questions when the evaluation is being completed, upon meeting the therapist, and during the intervention itself.

Here are some specific questions that a parent can ask that can help support a healthy parent-therapist relationship:

Ask questions that establish a foundation

When first bringing your child to an early intervention setting- whether it is at a clinic, in an office, or in your own home, it is important to find out what ideas the therapist has about how the intervention will work, what they will do when the child has a visit, and what your part as the parent will be.

For example, “How would you like my help?” “What do you hope my child will be able to do by working with him/her?”

Ask questions that set goals

Ask what specifically the therapist wants to work on first with the child, and which areas will be addressed later on in therapy. Share with the therapist your number one goals as well.

For example, “What’s one thing you think my child could do with a little help that would make a huge difference in his/her life?”

Ask questions that build routines

This will help you discover how to implement the new behaviors and strategies the therapist has introduced at home.

For example, “What times during my day do you think I could help my child practice X goal?”



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