At Home Sensory Activities for Your Child

Occupational Therapy Staff
March 17, 2020

With numerous CA schools closing over this month, we realize that plenty of parents are unexpectedly finding themselves with children at home! Thus begins the hunt for activities to keep children engaged and learning while having fun during time away from their regular activities. This is a unique chance for children to explore activities that they may not be exposed to in school, like cooking!

Ideas for sensory activities

  1. Sensory cooking: have children help with making cookies and let them squish it through their fingers. Or make Jell-O and let them try out different textures.
  2. Water sensory table: this is a great opportunity to play outside with a tub, bucket or pool of water. Splash, swim or watch animals dive.
  3. Make bouncing bubbles and entertain children for hours
  4. Make coffee can stiltslet children decorate as animal feet or with their favorite colors
  5. Make elephant toothpaste: this is a great, sensory-enriching fun!
  6. Make ice cream in a bag: work on strength, attention and have a great treat too!

Ideas for fine motor activities

  1. Make macaroni beads: paint and string to make necklaces or garlands to decorate the patio
  2. Make pasta art: use cooked or uncooked painted pasta to create fun scene and pictures
  3. Make sensory pictures: use materials that you can find outside (i.e. flowers, leaves, grass, sand) to make pictures and stories
  4. Write stories: find great story starters and ideas from Handwriting Without Tears
  5. Outdoor drawing: use sidewalk chalk to make outlines of the children’s body, make colorful scenes or just practice shapes on the sidewalk

 Ideas for gross motor activities

  1. Make forts: use pillows, blankets and furniture (inside or outside) to create hideaways and forts to kids to play in
  2. Create obstacle courses: use rocks, furniture, and toys to create outdoor obstacle courses that children can climb over, under, and through
  3. Play outside! Remember all those games you played as a kid? Tag, Follow the leader, Simon Says are great games to play outdoors
  4. Animal Races: crawl like a crab, waddle like a duck, jump like a frog, slither like a snake

Just have fun!

Above all else, have fun! Children with sensory processing difficulties may be hesitant to try out activities at first, allow them time to explore and multiple opportunities to try!

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